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Moisture Control

Providing Effective Protection and Solutions

Moisture is a concern for homeowners and if not treated can cause significant damage to a home. When visible signs are noticed that may include mildew, rotting, musty orders, and even peeling paint it is time to call your moisture control specialist.

We will come out to your home to inspect and develop a action plan to correct moisture problems you may find. We will then monitor your home year-round and inspect periodically. If moisture is left untreated, problems that can surface include mold, termite infestation or structural damage. Termite infestations are more likely to appear in moist, unventilated areas. If wood damage is discovered during our inspection, we can also repair any damaged wood.

To protect yourself and control moisture eliminate standing water and its source. Contact Davis Pest Services for assistance with moisture problems, ventilation and barriers for your home.

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